Keyboard Tester for Father's Day and for Fun

CLICKEYbits Introduces Office-Friendly Keyboard Tester and Desktop Fidget for Father's Day

CLICKEYbits are keyboard tester gadgets that offer fidget satisfaction without the distraction. Available in several models, CLICKEYbits provide tactile stimulation but do not require visual input. Six high-end keyboard switches, linked by a multi-faceted ball, create sensory feedback for anyone who likes to tap, click or roll.

Just in time for Father's Day CLICKEYbits is offering an office friendly pack for Dad with a simple color palette that is at home on everyone's desk.

Because CLICKEYbits were originally invented as a testing tool for mechanical keyboards, there are a variety of keys to suit different tastes.

fathers day all 8 squareish smaller.png

The Clear Tester model contains six different switches representing the most common types of high-end mechanical keyboards on the market for trying out the feel before making a more expensive purchase. The Tester version also offers clear keycaps, allowing keyboard enthusiasts to see exactly which switches they prefer.

The Silent model contains quiet switches which are gaining popularity in keyboards as they can be used without disturbing others in the office, dorm room, or at home. When used in CLICKEYbits it creates a discrete fidget as well as a tester for these new popular keyboards.

The Clicky version has six identical keys, all delivering a solid click. For Father's Day the "Clicky" has extra tall keycaps for bigger hands.

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