Now Accepting Dogecoin


We’ve deprecated Dogecoin payments. We were initially excited to see the favorable response to alt currency options from the community, but we literally had zero orders follow through with payment. We may try again at some point in the future. Thanks for your interest. If you would like to express your support for DOGE and other alt currencies please use the NOTES field when you check out or you can contact us (see link at the top).


Similar to Bitcoin, Dogecoin is a popular crypto currency with a fun community. We're dipping our toes into accepting alternate currencies, starting with Dogecoin (DOGE) for buying up to 6 CLICKEYbits.


Much Fun!

How Much?

1D=1D. But in USD it depends on today's exchange rate.

How do I buy CLICKEYbits with DOGE?

At checkout use the promo code "DOGE". This will make the price appear to go to zero. You will still need to pay for the shipping with a credit card or paypal.

We will send you an email with a DOGE payment request based on the current exchange rate.

Once we receive payment (may take a few hours) we will package and ship the order like any other sale.

Here is what your checkout might look like:

doge screenshot cleaned.png


If there was sales tax (Pennsylvania residents) before the DOGE promo code was applied we will obviously be including the sales tax in the final calculation.

We will use the data from to determine the exchange rate.

We will round down to the nearest whole DOGE and then add a fraction of a DOGE (based on your order number) to make your payment request unique and make accounting easier.

IMPORTANT! Check your SPAM Inbox, not surprisingly messages including crypto-currency payment requests tend to get caught up in the SPAM filters.

Any restrictions?

We're keeping coin transactions small at first. You can order up to 6 total CLICKEYbits (that's 6 individual clickeybits, not six collections or multi-packs). please don't order large volumes with DOGE, we will cancel orders over $150. If you've got a bigger order please choose a traditional payment option.

We can't sell too many with Dogecoin so if this offer gets too popular we will need to scale it back.

Crypto transactions can't be combined with any other promotional offer.

If we don't receive the Dogecoin payment (or otherwise hear from you via email, etc) within 48 hours after we send you the DOGE payment request we will cancel the order.

Why not Bitcoin or other coins?

Bitcoin currently has high transaction fees making low cost goods difficult to sell. The community is working on a long-term fix for the issue. We are keeping an eye on the situation and hope to accept Bitcoin in the future.

We want to accept other major coins in the future. Once we can seamlessly accept crypto currencies via our store's platform we will expand to all major coins (our store is currently hosted by Squarespace so we're holding our breath).

I don't have any DOGE.

That's fine, we accept paypal and all major credit cards. If you want to start playing around with a crypto currency Dogecoin is an easy one to get started with.

Timing and Second Thoughts

If the Dogecoin exchange rate has crashed before we get back to you (the amount to pay has just gone up substantially and is now too high for you) let us know and we will cancel the order. But please don't play games with canceling orders looking to time a lower price, we won't play that game.