CLICKEYbits Christmas

What are CLICKEYbits?

CLICKEYbits are little gadgets made from six high end computer keyboard switches. Anyone who likes to tap, click, roll or fidget finds them hard to put down.

Are all CLICKEYbits the same?

Not at all! Because CLICKEYbits were originally designed as a testing tool for mechanical keyboards, there are a variety of keys to suit all kinds of tastes. The Classic offers three pairs of key switches with different tactile responses. The Clicky version has six identical keys, all delivering a solid, satisfying click. The Silent version has six high end switches that allow you to tap the keys without making noise. And the Tester versions are the closest to our original concept, offering six distinct key switches and (in some versions) clear caps to let keyboard enthusiasts see exactly which switches they prefer.

How do I use CLICKEYbits?

Unlike spinners that create distraction, CLICKEYbits are hand-held devices that provide constant tactile stimulation. Their simple but satisfying design lets you fidget with one hand while using the other. Some people like to roll CLICKEYbits between their two palms to feel a constant stream of clicks, and some like the silent version that allows for unobtrusive fidgeting in an office or classroom. We’ve had more than one customer report that they could use them all day long.

Where can I get one?

For now, only here. We are going to slowly open up to other retail outlets. If you are interested please contact us.

What payment do you take?

We take all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

Can I see them in action?

Check out our videos page where we will be adding links to reviews and unboxing videos.

I have other questions

We want to hear from you, please contact us. As we get more questions in we will add to our FAQ.