Blank DSA Keycaps - 15 Per Pack, Color Choices

Blank DSA Keycaps - 15 Per Pack, Color Choices


Keycaps should have a shape to help guide your fingers. Many modern keycaps are shaped with a cylindrical indentation (as if you pressed the side of a pen into the caps), but the best old-school design was spherical (as if you pressed a marble into the caps). This shape gives your fingers the feedback to help keep you centered and the symmetric shape feels great.

These are fairly low profile keycaps called "DSA" and can be used on any keyboard with "MX" style switches.

These are "blanks" so there are no letters, numbers, or symbols printed on these keycaps.

There are 15 caps per pack. Use 2 packs (30 total) if you are just coloring in your alphas (A-Z). Choose more for full keyboards sets and more extensive projects. Mix and match colors to make a uniquely colorful keyboard.

You will be asked to select the color when you press “Add to Cart”.

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Note these are all 1u keycaps. This means it does not contain longer keys (Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Enter, Tab, Ctrl, Backspace) or a longer space bar.

Please browse the various CLICKEYbits versions on the site to get a more complete representation of the colors.