October 5, 2017

CLICKEYbits Launches the Next Phase of the Fidget Craze

JENKINTOWN, PA (October 5, 2017) – The newest entry to the fidget arena offers a welcome antidote
to the recent spinner fad. CLICKEYbits are keyboard tester gadgets that offer fidget satisfaction without
the distraction. Available in a Silent version as well as Classic and Clicky models, CLICKEYbits provide tactile stimulation but do not require visual input. Six high-end keyboard switches, linked by a multi-
faceted ball, create sensory feedback for anyone who likes to tap, click or roll.

The introduction of a fidget that focuses on clicking is timely, because research shows that many people
can concentrate more effectively if they have an outlet for excess nervous energy. However, teachers
report that the visual disruption of spinner tricks can distract both the user and the rest of the class.
CLICKEYbits bridges that gap, offering stimulus without demanding attention. This also makes it a
superior choice for use in commuting, business, and other quiet environments.

Because CLICKEYbits were originally invented as a testing tool for mechanical keyboards, there are a
variety of keys to suit different tastes. The Classic offers three pairs of key switches with distinct tactile
responses. The Clicky version has six identical keys, all delivering a solid click. The Silent version has six
high end switches that allow users to tap the keys without making noise. And the Tester versions are the
closest to the original design concept, encompassing six unique key switches. The Tester version also
offers clear keycaps, allowing keyboard enthusiasts to see exactly which switches they prefer.

Designed and assembled in the USA, CLICKEYbits are now available online at


Headquartered in Jenkintown, PA, Clickeybits, LLC combines high quality materials with technical
expertise to deliver the next wave of fidget innovation.


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