Office Collection

Office Collection

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Give your desk something that is practical and fun. All creative people - from writers and programmers to bloggers and professionals - need a fidget to help them focus and get the job done. This set comes with three completely different CLICKEYbits, all with a simple monochromatic color scheme that fits in the home and in the office.

The Clicky has taller keycaps giving it more resonance and greater physical contact. The silent is unobtrusive and perfect for crowded spaces or when the clicks can be distracting to others. Plus the set comes with a Clear Tester, with six of the most popular types of switches in mechanical keyboards today.

All three are at home on your desk, at the ready to use any time. And they make a great conversation piece for introducing others to the wider world of quality mechanical keyboards.

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Color Options:

  • Mix - Three random different colored shells to make a great mix. If you want specific colors please let us know in the notes field when checking out.

  • White - All three with white shells, the silent has black keycaps.

  • Black - Black clear tester, black tall clicky with white keycaps, and white silent with black caps.

  • Blue - Blue shells for all three, white tall keycaps on the clicky, black keycaps on the silent.


  • The Tall Clicky features six Cherry Green switches and six white SA-R3 keycaps from Signature Plastics.

  • The Silent features six Cherry Silent Red switches and six black DSA keycaps from Signature Plastics.

  • The Clear Tester features six different switch varieties found in many mechanical keyboards and clear keycaps.