Just a Shell

Just a Shell

from 9.95

Already have lots of switches and keycaps? Get just a shell and make a true unique design. It comes with two center stabilizers and the CLICKEYbits shell in your choice of color, you supply the switches and caps.

Be sure to check out the Assembly Guide for more information on how to put these together.

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CLICKEYbits are great for showing off switches to friends and colleagues. It’s a friendly and fun way of introducing how amazing a good mechanical keyboard switch can be to an otherwise reluctant audience. Open your drawer that’s full of leftover switches that have been waiting for years for a purpose, and turn them into a fun desk fidget and keyboard switch ambassador.

CLICKEYbits are designed for regular MX-style switch mounts. Although any type of keycap profile will work we recommend DSA or another symmetric profile so the CLICKEYbits can more easily "roll" in your hands. But it’s lots of fun with random keycaps too!

Each shell comes with a pair of center stabilizers to help the switches stay in place and you can even add a drop of glue with the stabilizer to make your build permanent if you prefer.

If you choose “One of Each” (3 shells) and want specific colors just let us know in the “Notes” field when you check out.