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The Toy Box

We had a blast being part of ABC's "The Toy Box" Season 2. Thank you so much to ABC, Mattel and everyone involved for the opportunity to compete.

This was back in the our prototyping days, we've obviously moved forward quite a bit since then.

This week's winning toy on The Toy Box was CLICKEYbits! The inventor, Shep, is a computer programmer who wants his toy to be bigger than fidget spinners. Catch more amazing inventors and their toy creations on ABC's The Toy Box, Sundays at 7/6c.

Note: We are proud of our participation in The Toy Box but we are not using our experience as a promotional vehicle. This content is here because it is part of our adventure, not because of any endorsement from ABC, Mattel, Toys-R-Us or any other group associated with the show.

Check out the full episodes of The Toy Box season 2 episode 2 (the pitch, Q&A, the judgement, and the episode winner) as well as the Season 2 finale. Available on ABC, YouTube, Amazon, and Hulu.

In Episode 2 skip to 6:30 to see CLICKEYbits' pitch, Q&A, and Judgement, then skip to 35:35 for judges discussion, and finally 38:00 for the judge's winning decision.

You can see just the pitch without needing a subscription via this tweet from ABC's The Toy Box.

Kickstarter Roots

We started our journey with a Kickstarter campaign, here is the original video.

CLICKEYbits is a fidget gadget made with real keyboard buttons. This is the original Kickstarter video. The final product is at